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Mission - Vision - History

Live On Stage is committed to the health and well-being of volunteer nonprofit concert presenters. Learn more about the “Smart Solutions,” on and off the stage, that Live On Stage has provided in support of “Entertainment Excellence” since 2002.

National Conference

2018 National Conference

The Live On Stage National Conference features three action-packed days including live showcases, two workshops and receptions to help you grow and "fine tune" your concert association.

LIVE Concert Tix

LIVE Concert Tix is a direct result of the feedback from our valued clients. It fills the need to sell tickets online, keep a customer database in a central and secure location and to broaden the power of the association to sell season & single tickets to a wider audience. 

Press and Publicity

The Live On Stage Press and Publicity Support Program is a free service that enhances the visibility of your association's concert season. The goal is to grow your subscription base through media contacts by using national press releases and artist interviews. Read more

Website Assistance

Every concert association can benefit from an online presence by having a website. The purpose of the program is to empower the concert association to be able to advertise and market themselves on the internet using a web platform that is easily maintained by an active member of the board of directors with limited web design knowledge. Read more

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an instructional approach on how to conduct a rolling 2-year strategic planning workshop with your board and review every major aspect of your organization. You will establish the priorities that have the greatest impact in the short term and long term.

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