What is it?

The F.A.N. (Friends And Neighbors) Street Team is an innovative approach for concert associations to recruit and involve high school, college and recent graduates in the promotion of specific artists that are included in their concert series.  The concept is to identify several young enthusiastic “team members” to solicit to their friends through various media outlets to help promote the concert association and the designated artist’s upcoming concert.  The result will be a new level of interest and excitement within your community and impact every age demographic

Why a F.A.N. Street Team?

Utilizing a “street team” to promote your concert is a way to directly connect with potential audience members through a fan-based network.  People are starting to tune out billboards and traditional advertising in this multi-media world.  Many are willing to listen to a recommendation of new music, video or concert from a friend via Facebook or Twitter.  Technology is developing at such a rapid pace and sharing content is a seamless process now.  The power of fans to create viral sensations through word-of-mouth is unparalleled and traditional media is struggling to keep up with the change.  The power is back in the hands of the passionate fans, much like it was over 80 years ago when community concerts was born.  This is a  modern day approach to the  traditionally successful  idea of connecting with your “friends and neighbors.”

How does it work?

 The program will combine the efforts of the artist, the LOS National Press/Publicity Support, your association and the new F.A.N. Street Team.  The general plan will be to recruit “team members” and educate them on the artist.  You will then provide them with electronic press info including video, audio and print media.  The association and team member captains will then identify and target locations in the community that will include (but, not limited to) WIFI destinations, local youth gathering venues, schools, coffee houses, etc., for concert promotion.

What tools will I need?

 This program is designed to use electronic media.  Social networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be utilized along with text messaging and e-blasts.  It will be beneficial to have a tech savvy member on your board to help manage this program.

  • Tech savvy board member
  • Publicity/Marketing  board member
  • Connected, ever-changing and informative website
  • Ability to accept credit card payments


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