Jan 312014


I have been going to Concerts for over 50 years, and the Diamonds put on a show that was among the best I’ve ever seen.

Besides their spectacular talent, their rapport with the audience was extraordinary.  Although the concert I speak of was in Glendive, MT (a very small town), I am comparing it to many different kinds of concerts that I have attended in the 32 countries I have visited.

The Diamonds are a real treat! 


Myrna K.

Jan 312014

DePueBrothers_PRESS_resizeWe knew they were good–from what we remembered from LOS Conference, but we–and our Harlingen audience (almost capacity) were blown away by the wow power of the DePue Brothers Band tonight.  A funny, crazy, exquisitely-talented, energetic group that charmed us, entertained us, and amazed us.  Needless to say, they received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Lots of single ticket sales, (thanks to Steve’s great article published by South Padre Parade), turned into several season ticket subscriptions–about 6 that I can recall right now, among them, a young local couple.  If you advertise it, they will come!

 It was chaos at the will-call station; hopefully, we didn’t discourage or frustrate the new folks.  When we have so many to help, it takes time.  May this “problem” continue!

Thanks, Steve & Gladys, and LOS, for securing outstanding talent such as the DePue Brothers Band for concert associations.  Harlingen indeed was blessed tonight. 

Lois D.

Dec 112013


REVIEW By Dr. Jack Wheaton, RSF critic for Community Concerts of RSF

Two world-class musicians – an incredibly talented Irish tenor, Anthony Kearns, and his piano accompanist of 20 years (who also was a stand-up comedian!), Patrick Healy, opened this year’s Community Concerts Series at the recently remodeled Performing Center at the Rancho Santa Fe Village Church.

The biggest question in my mind after the concert was how did we get these guys? They’re world class!

Point of information: an “Irish tenor” generally has a higher vocal range, a lighter sound, and a more personal delivery of their song. He was perfect in this genre.

Anthony Kearns was the founding member of the “Irish Tenors,” who are definitely world-class, having sold 20 CDs, three going platinum and double platinum. These are serious performers, folks!

The program opened with a series of lesser-known Irish songs, but songs that were charming and Continue reading »

Dec 112013

Diamonds_PRESS_resizeWhat a super talented group!! It was so fun re-living the fun of the past singing along. Being able to hear the intricate harmonies was really good. They looked so nice in their sparkly jackets. Please bring them back soon. Again, what great entertainment! Thanks for the excellent programs you bring us.


Tom & Sandy C.

Dec 112013

Diamonds_PRESS_resizeMy husband and I have been attending the performances at Stage Alive in Culpeper for the past 6 years.  We have enjoyed many wonderful performances and a couple not so wonderful performances.  Last night my friends and I were blown away!!!!  The Diamonds was the most vibrant, alive, entertaining, fun-filled show we have ever seen at Stage Alive.  This is the first time we have ever talked about a performance almost all the way home, and we live a hour away!


Please, please, please bring them back as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Janet L.

Dec 112013


The Diamonds – what can I say?  Last night they performed for a Stage Alive! audience of just shy of 1,000 in Culpeper and they simply rocked the joint and blew us away!  Neither Marc L., who drove 90 minutes from his new home in Winchester VA with friends for the concert, nor I can remember so many raves and congratulations as we received at intermission and after the concert.  Most of the audience were in high school or college in the 50′s and 60′s when the group was at the height of its career and they applauded and cheered their favorite songs, whether they were original Diamonds songs or covers.  Gary, Jerry, Jeff and Sean are very worthy successors to the original group.  A huge majority of our subscribers want them back – we will definitely make that happen in a couple of years or so. 

I predict that Hal Linden will attract as big a crowd in April next year.


Peter W.