Galleria Seasons Perform in Golden Isles, GA

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Dec 152014

Vega String QuartetStudent outreach had 740 students, evening was excellent and well received, today’s master class going well and a huge success all around! Jonathan wins MVP award, that set was awesome.


“Those Were The Days” in Mt. Vernon, OH

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Nov 182014

WilliamFlorian_PRESS_resizeWow!! The members loved the show! Some said it was the best! William and Woody had a way of connecting with the audience, and the video took everybody back in time and set the mood. Great audience participation. After the show they were nice enough to take time for a party and meet and greet at one of the supporters homes. Very nice of them. Just thought you would like to know, and we would love to have them return. Thanks for all your help over the years.

Bill H.

The Redhead Express in Burley, ID

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Nov 182014

RedheadExpress_PRESS_webThe Redheads were just wonderful. I heard lots of good comments and the audience was very enthusiastic with applause and whistles. Some liked their excellent harmony; some comments on great stage presence and relating in friendly ways to the audience. The gals were high energy and fun to watch. Nice voices, lots of talent on all the various instruments too. Family friendly. It was very much a great opener for our season.

Susan T.

“Those Were The Days” in Moses Lake, WA

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Nov 182014

WOW, we all were impressed with your performance last night in Moses Lake Washington. You really have an excellent singing voice and it was fun to go down memory lane with all the songs from the 60s and 70s. My mom really enjoyed it too and she is in her 80s. We also enjoyed your interaction with the audience.
I have to say, you do a great impression of John Denver’s singing style… maybe even better….. 😉

I hope you come back to our town again!”

Concert Attendee in Moses Lake, WA


Habaneros Perform in Lompoc, CA

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Nov 182014

Habaneros_PRESS_resizeI am certain that I speak on behalf of all members of the Lompoc Concert Association in saying that we had ourselves the perfect kick-off concert with the gifted youth of Cuba! What a stunning performance HABANEROS gave their audience in Lompoc! The Mozart, though delightfully rendered, turned out to just be virtually a loosening up exercise for their many gifts.
While first violinist Carlos Suárez Morejón and clarinetist Alden Ortuño Cabeza garnered the greater share of the spotlight, the other members were given ample moments to display their talents as well [particularly winning for me personally was Julio César García Dominguez whose solo, when it finally came his way, showed he could go just as far afield as his friend Carlos and stay as perfectly true Continue reading »