Jun 242013
Steve Emahiser, Press/Publicity Manager

The LOS staff was stunned by this article earlier this month, so we thought it was worth sharing.

Brian Solis is a “media-theorist” and definitely on the cutting-edge of digital marketing.  In this post he dramatically identifies the habits and online behavior of  Gen Y and Z.  He also helps us understand who these folks are and how we can reach them.

2013 Conference: A considerable amount of time and energy at this year’s conference will be devoted to “taking the plunge” into a new decade of concert presentation.  Adopting digital marketing and online commerce as tools to reaching younger ticket buyers will be at the center of our focus.

I am looking forward to your thoughts about this article as it relates to promoting live arts and entertainment in our communities.

“Blame it on the youth they say. Indeed, there’s a great assumption that the future of technology falls in the hands of emergent generations. The youth of today will someday represent the majority of consumers, employees and citizens. That’s always the case, but what we don’t yet fully appreciate is just how different young adults think today. We don’t yet understand what it is they value and why. We’ve not yet assimilated how they make decisions and what factors influence their daily activities and journeys……”

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