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Grant Writing

Live On Stage Grant Writing

What is it?


In the fall of 2009 Live On Stage, together with Shantel Dow, announced a national program to offer assistance with the often complicated process of grant writing to secure funding for live arts and entertainment for concert associations.

How does it work?

  • Book a Star Education Outreach – grants require an outreach for grant consideration.
  • Make an initial inquiry via email or phone to Shantel Dow, Live On Stage Grant Writer.
  • Fill out the Grant Questionnaire Sheet provided by Shantel Dow.


There is No Charge for a Grant Application. 15% of the grant amount is charged ONLY if a grant is received.

The State of Grant Seeking (Spring, 2012):

Staff and grant writing consultants lead to greater success in getting grant proposals funded.  Reliance upon volunteers and board members for grant writing was the least effective staffing approach.  90% of those relying on volunteers and board members received two or fewer awards, and 55% received no awards.  Organizations without staff or consultant grant writers were more likely to struggle with the mechanics of grantseeking (for example, challenges of time, research, writing, relationship building, and management of grants).

What are people saying?

“Shantel Dow prepares grants for us to several grantors and does an excellent job.  She has been successful for the past three years in getting the Cody Community Concert Series grants from WESTAF in Colorado.  She is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable in the grant process.”

–Cody, WY

“Good grant writing requires presentation language that grabs the attention of potential funders.  In this way, Shantel Dow and her associates are particularly effective in writing successful grants for organizations that support performing arts.”

–Terrell, TX

“I found Shantel to be knowledgeable, efficient and (an) excellent communicator.  I am happy to report that we were successful acquiring grants for both concerts.”

–Payson, AZ


Shantel Dow               (641) 203-4100

or staff member:

Sandra Knebel           (641) 203-6646